Small Acres Cyder

Small Acres Cyder is committed to producing great ciders without compromise. In the range you will find traditional English and French style ciders along with more contemporary Australian styles. There is no added water, no added sugar and no added flavourings in any of our ciders. English born Gail Kendell and Australian born James Kendell prefer to take a wine making approach to their ciders, using only the fresh juice that is pressed from the apple or pear and creating different cider styles by using the unique natural flavours already present in the cider variety apples grown in their orchard.

FESTIVAL BEER: Sour Cherry Cider: At 8.5% abv it’s a funkin sour cherry cider, with a kick. A mix of cider apples and cherries, barrel aged for 6 months in old Pommeau barrels, then keg conditioned for another 6 months. Along the way we played with a few French Farmhouse/Saison type characters to really give this cider an edgy point of difference. Smash down a few Sour Cherry Funk’s to get your dancing legs going.

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