Modus Operandi

Always dreaming but finally formalizing the concept in 2012, it all started in a motor home traveling around the US of A, blaring Creedence and delving deeper into the craft revolution. We discovered every nook and cranny of the USA craft beer world for six months, brewing, talking, cleaning, talking, cleaning, brewing, and yes, drinking a lot of beer. We returned home to our beloved Northern Beaches with heads full of beer lovin’ and inspired to brew the best beer in Australia. We are larrikins at heart, but when it comes to our Modus Operandi (Latin for Method of Operation) which put simply is, beer first, no shortcuts, this is where we get real. Our beer is always brewed with fresh, live yeast flown in from the USA and the finest specialty malts and hops sourced from all over the globe. Every drop of Modus Operandi beer is brewed and packaged in our Mona Vale brewery. Every single Modus Operandi can and keg is permanently kept cold and always display a packaged-on date. This means you know you’re drinking fresh, local beer. These methods of operation may cost more but, we think, the proof is in the brew.

FESTIVAL BEER: Here on the Northern Beaches we hang out for summer, it’s the best. There’s something timeless about a good Aussie Summer. Surf, Beach and Beers. Long hot days need a thirst quenching beer with full flavour and in our opinion something a bit tropical. Introducing our last National Limited Release for 2018 – Tropic Haze, Unfiltered Pale. We got pretty carried away naming this one. 5.0% and hazy, this unfiltered Pale has been dry hopped with Galaxy & Citra, what sets it apart is the fine tuning of the Modus yeast program. Getting the freshest yeast combinations to add tropical flavors and haze.

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