Pact Beer Co

In 2015, we formed a pact to brew great beer and never compromise on flavour, quality and creativity. Pact was born in a tiny Canberra kitchen. Every Pact Beer starts as a handmade and homebrewed prototype. From the kitchen, we test it out, tweak it around, and then scale it up to brew ‘gypsy┬ástyle’ at some of the finest breweries in the country with an embrace only Pact can provide.Three years on we’ve been crowned Australian Gypsy Brewer of the year and just recently brought out the Tennent’s Peak Double IPA as our sixth package line. You can find Pact products at all good bars and bottle shops around Canberra and taste the whole range at Beer Day Out!

Nearly Hodai: When we make our crazy arse GABS beer each year, it’s a process of constant reiteration. Those of you who went this year may have tried Nomi Hodai, the umami tinged seaweed black rice lager. Now’s your chance to try the Nearly Hodai, a beer that almost was. You’ll still get that salty tastebud tingle, but we’ve mixed up the hop balance and seaweed dosing on this one for a once in a lifetime BDO experience.

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