Six String Brewing Co.

Launched in late 2012 by Chris Benson, an avid home brewer and school mate Adam Klasterka, Six String Brewing has built a strong following producing full flavoured or as we like to call them Amplified Ales and continually brewing up something new. With the help of Ryan Harris who came on-board the Brewery has had an epic few years continually pushing the limits. All our beers are preservative free, unpasteurised and unfiltered, giving the fullest possible flavour to our range. Our award-winning core range has four beers; Coastie Lager, TPA ~ Tropical Pale Ale, Pale Ale and Dark Red IPA.

Beer 1: BlackBear Smoked Malt Beer:5%abv. A rustic and hearty beer with a meaty BBQ aroma and flavour coming from the wood smoked malts. BlackBear BBQ are renowned for their smoked meats and full flavoured BBQ and have brought some of that authentic flavour to this beer. The pale malt, which has been smoked with Ironbark, gives the beer a distinct dose of smokiness but balanced by sweet malt, making it subtle enough not to be overpowering. A rugged ale that will go down a treat with just about any smoked meat. “May contain traces of brisket, pork belly, hot links, wings and other MEAT!”
Beer 2: Clegged It ~ Strong Lager: 6.8%abv.
The last seasonal brew released before brewer Peter Clegg legged it. This strong, rich, coppery lager is largely malt driven, with sweet toffee and biscuit flavours and a subtle hop presence giving some spice and pine. Richer in flavour than your run of the mill lager and higher in alcohol, it is not one that you will be throwing down a bunch but the intricate flavours and dry finish will leave you wanting more.

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