Bridge Road Brewers

Bridge Road Brewers

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Conceived by Ben Kraus in 2004/05, in his dad’s back shed, Bridge Road Brewers is one of Australia’s leading craft brewery, located in Beechworth. We produce local, high quality, premium craft beer, food and experiences. Our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised with a large portfolio of beers with over 22 unique styles.

Beechworth Pale Ale

“Bridge Roads benchmark ale, the Beechworth Pale Ale is a beer dominated by its aromatic hop profile. Often the yard stick of micro breweries, this beer is based on classic American styled Pale Ales, crisp and refreshing, a mouthful of aromatic hops. Beechworth Pale Ale is bound to satisfy hop heads and make a definite impression on those new to the craft beer scene.”

Chevalier Saison

“The Saison is a classic Belgian style, not often seen outside of its homeland. It was traditionally brewed by farmers and their workers as a beverage to consume during the summer months. Bridge Road Brewers have crafted their own Saison to add to their Chevalier range.”

Vic Secret Single Hop IPA

This single hop IPA showcases the Australian hop variety Vic Secret. Big tropical fruit aromas are typical from this hop, as is a bold resinous pine needle like bitterness.

Chevalier Biere de Garde

By far the biggest in the Chevalier range, the Biere De Garde is loosely based on traditional Belgian and French farmhouse ales. The Biere De Garde uses a blend of spices to back up the great malt characters. This beer has a rich toffee colour with a creamy off white head, aromas are a mixture of dried fruits, spices such as star anise and clove, and yeast driven esters.

Fat Man Red Suit Big Sack

Originally brewed for export to Canada to be part of an international Christmas beer pack. This India Red Ale was made to showcase to the rest of the world some of our great Aussie hop varieties; Galaxy Topaz and Enigma. Bursting with hops this beer really does what it set out to do, champion Australian hops, but in typical Bridge Road fashion also provide malt balance and bitterness.