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The Coopers Beer story began in a newly established colony with a brilliant accident. After turning his hand to a number of trades, Thomas Cooper discovered his talent as a brewer by accident; when he created his first batch of beer as a tonic for his ailing wife Ann. That day in 1862, was the start of an amazing journey!

Thomas Coopers Selection Celebration Ale 5.2%

“A premium Ale for a very special milestone. A hops-driven traditional ale with a dark-red hue was crafted by Managing Director & Chief Brewer Dr Tim Cooper to celebrate Coopers’ 150th anniversary. The initial flavour displays a moderate to strong malt character with a balanced hop flavour. The mid palate further highlights the subtle blending of hop varieties and the finish is slightly dry and still displays some mild after-bitterness “

Coopers Extra strong Vintage 2015 Limited Release . Alcohol 7.5%

“Lordy, Lordy, Welcome to the Promised land !This strong ale imparts rich full flavours that are suitable for maturation. Stored under cellar conditions, the rich and full flavour ale is brewed each year , using different raw materials.”

Thomas Cooper Selection Artisan Reserve 5.5%

This beer lives up to the true meaning of ‘Artisan’ in reflecting the skill of the brewers who have pushed the boundaries of the ancient art of beer-making to create an unpasteurised Pilsner with the freshest taste possible.Artisan Reserve is bright, clear, golden yellow in colour with an appetisingly soft and creamy head. First impressions are of freshly cut citrus, lime and orange peel, followed by the crisp, clean palate

Coopers Best Extra Stout 6.3%

It reigns every winter. A consistent award winner both here and around the globe, Coopers Best Extra Stout is as close to perfection any stout is likely to ever get. Bring on winter! The mouth feel is soft and velvety with a lingering carbonation. The mid palate contains sweet chocolate notes with the hop imparting their natural hop flavour and the finish is dry with a medium after bitterness from

Coopers Aged Stout