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Grand Ridge Brewery - UK

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Grand Ridge Brewery is one of Australia’s first and most recognised craft breweries, using only the highest quality ingredients to brew beers of exceptional flavour and purity, with no added chemicals or preservatives. Located in the small country town of Mirboo North, in the heart of Gippsland, Grand Ridge boasts restaurant, bar and accommodation.

Natural Blonde 4.5%

A classic Belgian style blonde wheat beer, naturally cloudy using Australia’s premium wheat, malt, and coriander. Natural orange peel used in the brewing process lets luscious hints of citrus seep through what is believed to be Australia’s most delicious blonde head. A great accompaniment to Thai food, curries, barbeques and an exceptional balcony beer.

Grand Ridge Golden Ale 4.0%

A brand new beer from Grand Ridge! This cloudy golden ale has a substantial proportion of wheat to impart a thirst-quenching tartness on the palate. It is unfiltered and unpasteurised so as to retain the passionfruit aroma and flavour from dry hopping with new season Galaxy hops. It’s lower alcohol percentage makes it a very sessionable beer.

Gippsland Gold 4.9%

An Australian style bitter ale with a deeply delicious full malt flavour and pleasant hop bitterness from Tasmanian and New Zealand hops. An easy drinking and thirst quenching beer and the owners favourite!
Excellent with all steaks, roast lamb and Aussie game meats. Top with Shitake mushrooms seared in this great ale for a real treat.

Moonshine 8.5%

Extra strong pure malt beer in the style of scotch ale or barley wine. Brewed from a wort having an original gravity of 1080. A true connoisseur’s beer, best sipped after dinner not too cold. Expect deep, warm and rich malt flavours. Think sticky date pudding, mud cake, oysters or reduce and pour over rich vanilla ice cream.

Hatlifter Stout 4.9%

A full flavoured creamy Australian style stout with delicate chocolate and licorice flavours from the combination of pure malts. It is very easy on the palate with moderate alcohol content. An exceptional cold weather beer served at cellar temperature. Perfect for beef and Hatlifter pie and all stews and casseroles. Also very popular with many Asian dishes.