Hawthorn Brewing Company

Hawthorn Brewing Company

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Hawthorn Brewing Company is a producer of award winning craft beers of distinction. The company was established in 2009 by the Flavour Merchants who, after embarking on a global odyssey, returned home armed with the best brewing secrets from around the world. Our mission is simple, to bring world class craft beer to the thirsty masses, We hope you will join us on the journey.

Pale Ale

“GOLD MEDAL, 2015 Adelaide Beer Awards This Pale Ale presents a rich and complex malt character derived from a blend of five different grain. Lightly kilned, the use of our specialty malts gives this beer a deep golden colour. The malt character is wonderfully balanced by the inclusion of five complementary varieties of hops. these fresh hops deliver a saporous fruit and spice flavour, with a floral and citrus aroma.”

Australian IPA

“GOLD MEDAL, 2013 International Beer Challenge London Hawthorn IPA is our take on this popular style. Big on hops with bold flavours and some wonderful fruit characters present, it is made from 5 locally grown hops and 4 malts and is all Aussie. Unpasteurised and unfiltered it pours a deep golden colour, with a beautiful aroma courtesy of generous dry hopping. “

Golden Ale

“GOLD MEDAL 2014 International Beer Challenge, London Hawthorn Golden Ale is a full flavoured and easy drinking ale made from a combination of carefully selected German Malts which gives the beer its sparkling golden appearance. Generously hopped, but mild on the bitterness, the use of three different hops from the USA, UK and Australia impart a highly refreshing passionfruit and tropical fruit character delivering the perfect session ale.”

Amber Ale (English Style)

“BRONZE MEDAL, 2014 Australian International Beer Awards This is a rich malt flavoured ale. The inclusion of Marris Otter base malt ensures a lovely rounded body, whilst a small addition of chocolate malt in the grain bill delivers a warm bittersweet roasted caramel flavour. Mild English hops balance the sweet malt , whilst dry hopping infuses a floral and spice aroma. Dark auburn in colour, it’s smooth and well balanced. “

Pilsner (Czech Style)

 With Pilsner Malt as the base and just a hint of light Crystal Malt, this beer pours a crystal clear gold colour. Cool fermentation and a lengthy cold storage ensures a very clean & crisp palate, while the use of noble German hops introduces a floral flavour. Finally we dry hop a fresh Czech variety for a delicate spicy aroma producing a highly refreshing beer with a light body.