Crushed Pear Cider

Fuller's Brewery - UK

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A move to the mountains, growing our own food, sharing good times with friends over a glass of wine or a wild yeast cider… we realised to our delight we’d become hillbillies.
A simpler life called for a simpler drink.
“Hillbilly” Shane, known locally as Dodge – 0ver 100 yrs of outback farming history runs through his veins. Showing a certain amount of hillbilly irreverence, he planted the pioneering vineyard in the outback region of Warren/Nyngan NSW, 15 years ago. A gamble that paid off as the award winning Canonbah Bridge wines are sold all over the world.
In recent times he has also turned his wine making skills to CIDER.

Hillbilly Apple Cider (4.5%)

100% whole crushed mountains apples.

An apple orchard aroma with a well rounded taste and a crisp finish.

Hillbilly Pear Cider (4.5%)

100% whole crushed pears.

Ripe pear aromas, with rich and indulgent flavours on the palate.