La Sirene

La Sirene

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“La Sirene is an artisanal brewing company based in inner city Melbourne. The brewers come from winemaking and scientific backgrounds, and have been drawn together by a shared passion for rustic and distinctive ales, and the desire to produce classic Belgian and French Farmhouse styles. At the La Sirene brewery, we produce small batches of unfiltered and unpasteurised beer, retaining the greatest amount of flavour and character. All of our bottled”.

La Sirene Praline

A very special Belgian chocolate ale. Building on a Belgian stout base, it is brewed with organic vanilla pods, cacao nibs from Mexico and hazelnuts and with a creamy body, it is velvety, dark and seductive. Can you stop at one?

La Sirene Belle French Ale

“La Sirene Belle French Ale is a French farmhouse style table beer for all occassions, from the bar to the ball! Belle is clear, bright and golden yellow with a fine beaded head. Subtle fruit aromas and our trademark yeast imparts a recognisable farmhouse character This medium bodied beer has wild fruit characters with a funky textured yeast character on the back palate then finishes crisp & dry for an easy drinking”