Matsos Broome Brewery

Matsos Broome Brewery

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“Matso’s Brewery is the Kimberley’s award winning microbrewery and a true Broome treasure. Our Head Brewer loves to combine the finest natural ingredients, traditional time honoured brewing techniques to produce a range of beer styles that -above all else- aim to deliver flavour. Our Range includes everything from our famous alcoholic Ginger beer and Mango Beer,from Lychee beer to Chilli and everything in between!!”

Mango Beer

“Matso’s famous Mango Beer is based on a classic Belgium Blonde recipe in the fruit variation. Using a 100% natural mango blend, the brewers have developed an easy drinking beer style with amazing fruit aromas balanced out with sweet dryness. Our Mango Beer brings you back to Broome Time all year round.”

Chilli Beer

“Matso’s Chilli Beer (probably the hottest in the world). The legendary chilli, rumoured to be packed with magical properties, they say it can improve your sex life, contains anti-biotics, oozes vitamin C and can stimulate the brain. Who knows if it’s all true, we just like the taste!”

“With a well-guarded recipe known only to a select few, Matso’s Ginger Beer is a legend among Kimberley locals and ‘in the know’ visitors. Both gluten-free and vegan-friendly, there is no greater low alcohol beer to enjoy over ice on a long, hot afternoon or on occasions when you’re not looking for a traditional beer. Matso’s Ginger Beer is also a wicked mixer for your favourite rum. “

Session Ale

Warm summer breezes & long hot afternoons in the tropics have inspired our master brewer to make an easy drinking beer that showcases the beautifully balanced bite and tropical fruit hints of galaxy hops, resulting in a seriously smooth drinking style unique to the exotic Kimberley. It’s made a little lighter so you can enjoy longer, because once you’ve got into one of these sessions, you’ll never want to leave.

Lychee Beer

“The newest family member is a fresh mix of Pale malt, wheat malt, carafa malt, raw wheat, Elderflower, Lychee and Pride of Ringwood of Ringwood hops. Highly enjoyable and refreshing on a hot summers day or live on the wild side and match it up with some home made apple pie & double whipped cream”