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Pact Beer Co

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“In 2015, three mates made a pact to brew great beer and never compromise on flavour, quality and creativity. Pact was born in a Canberra Kitchen. Every Pact Beer starts as a handmade, homebrewed prototype. From the kitchen, we test it out, tweak it, scale it up and brew it with an embrace only Pact can provide before shipping kegs and bottles of tasty beer across Canberra and around Australia.”.

Mt Tennent Pale Ale

“Inspired by the picturesque mountain and the legend of its bushranger namesake, the Mount Tennent Pale Ale is a tantalizingly hoppy and sessionable American Pale Ale with touches of tropical and citrus fruits. Legend has it that John Tennent’s treasure is still buried at Mount Tennent. Many have tried to find it, but none have succeeded. Never mind… now you can find a little bit of Tennent’s treasure in every sip.”

42.2 Summer Ale

“We’re launching our newest creation, the 42.2 just in time for Canberra Beer Week. Coming in at 4.2%, it’s a light, crisp and sessionable ale with punchy fruit flavours and aroma. The 42.2 is a perfect summer beer. Canberra’s record temperature was recorded in 1968: 42.2 degrees. If our summer Ale had been around then things would have been a whole lot better! “

Brickworks Brown Ale

“Bricks form the strong foundation of a good home. Brickworks Brown forms the foundation of a good time. Toasted bread, roasted coffee and sweet chocolate flavours are balanced with a subtle bitterness from floral and earthy Ella hops. “

Three Lakes Hefeweizen

“The Pact Three Lakes Hefeweizen may look like it came from Lake Burley Griffin, but it tastes like heaven on a stick. It’s won #1 National Amateur Wheat Beer two years in a row. It’s a spritzy and refreshing Aussie take on the Bavarian classic with hints of banana, citrus, and clove. “